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PEACE is a capacity-building organisation that deploys educational interventions as basic tools towards the fulfilment of its mission.

Participants in PEACE’s educational programmes (trainings) are largely field-based social action groups focused on a variety of issues like land, forest, and water rights across the country.

PEACE facilitate educational programmes on following themes:

  • Motivation and Orientation of Youth for Development Action
  • Training of Activists involved in Public Education Campaigns on Issues
  • Enhancing People’s Participation in Self-Governance
  • Social Analysis and Perspective Building Based on Literature and Theatre
  • Training in Strategies and Pedagogy of Organising for Change
  • Training of Trainers for Action Programme for People’s Economics and Allied Literacy

PEACE involved in assisting the groups in documentation of the experiences of various efforts of promoting people’s organisation and making it available to a cross section of groups for educational purposes.

PEACE also coordinating People’s Information Centre which is devoted to make policy documents of bilateral, multilateral and government agencies accessible to field activists. PIC also strives for keeping the field activists updated on the issues they are working on and other people’s struggles.

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