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Keeping Culture of Questioning Alive and Kicking

PEACE believes that the ability to question, especially by the marginalised sections, is a critical lever for social change.

Mission and Objective

“To assist people’s struggles on issues of survival, identity and democratic space through enhancement of knowledge and information base of such efforts and building the capacity of the grassroot collectives to deal with macro processes and structures”.

PEACE feels that most people’s choices are being governed by the vested interests of large corporations and privileged sections of the society. The mass media bombard people with messages systematically designed to skew judgment and thwart critical thinking. According to PEACE, when the participants start asking questions, they start seeing the larger picture and build a more enlightened perspective, enabling them to take informed decisions in the context of their own socioeconomic and political situations.

The internalisation by PEACE of this belief in promoting a culture of questioning and collective action is reflected consistently in all its activities, particularly the content and design of the training, and in the methods used.

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